Hey, I'm Jess! I am a plant-based nature enthusiast with nomadic tendencies. I spend the majority of my free time traveling or outside on the farm hanging out with my animals. 

I have a vision. A mission to help as many people as I can with SELF-LOVE AND HEALING. I do this through two outlets: My photography business & my organic, non-gmo superfoods business.

 As a photographer, I love to catch people in their most genuine moments. I LOVE helping people see their beauty, inside and out! Capturing photographs that make you feel confident, sexy, beautiful, handsome, HAPPY- that is what it's all about! Helping you feel good on the outside! Helping you LOVE YOURSELF, exactly as you are.  

My superfoods business is through a company that never ceases to amaze me with their powerful vision to bring healing to the world through powerful plant medicines and ELIMINATE suffering. Goodness gracious these superfoods are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. They transformed my life, and so so so many others. I had to get in on the goodness. They set my heart on FIRE with a passion for holistic health and nutrition. Photography is for helping others feel good on the outside. This business is all about making people feel good on the INSIDE! Which is SO important. I'm growing an amazing team of healers and philanthropists, so if this is something that's resonating with you- let's connect! 



Available to travel

If you are not local to the Western New York area and would like me to photograph you or your event, contact me! I am always happy to travel!

Available for travel

Whether it's a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or flying solo, sometimes a selfie stick just doesn't cut it! My services extend to personal vacation photography, to capture and preserve your most enjoyable moments and breath-taking views!